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If you are considering the course, but know that accessing a teacher will be difficult, we have the answer.

Jahne tapes a video each week and puts it on our VIDEO web site

Each time you log on you get a point which counts towards your CONTACT HOURS in teacher training and graduation.

So you really can do all of this course at your own pace, at your place.

NOW YOU CAN DO THE COURSE, EVERY PART OF IT, EVEN THE ASANAS AT HOME...  It really is "distance" education.


The style of teaching our YOGA-ON-LINE (THE AUSTRALASIAN YOGA INSTITUTE) is quite different to most other yoga teacher training available today. The key differences are:

  • The instructors have earned the right to teach through direct and personal experience in all aspects of yoga, and across many disciplines - no "fluffy" or untested ideas.

      • We have been teaching yoga teachers for almost forty years and believe in that time we have pared it down to the practical essentials, and discarded the dross. We want you to finish on time-on budget - and still motivated and inspired.

          • The style of instruction is comprehensive. Your instructors are real instructors Not "a computer called Louise"! They are committed to your success 100% of the time.

              • We have a philosophy that encourages learning by discovery. It is personal and relevant to what each person needs. Not a rote learning of a script. Sanskrit terms are acknowledged but not mandatory. We can approach it as a TESOL assignment for those for whom English is not their first language.

                  • The practical yoga asanas can be learned either with a teacher, fast tracked and assessed or by membership to (each log on counts

                    •   towards graduation).

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